Treat Yo Self Tuesdays with Primally Pure Skincare

*I was gifted this product for free in exchange for an honest review. These are 100% my own opinions on the product.*

I am so excited about this new series! As a mom, I rarely have any time to myself. It’s so easy to do. 

But over the last month I’ve made time for myself. Wether it be big or small. It doesn’t matter! Self-care is important for your overall health.

Alright so let’s dive in! 

I was first introduced to Primally Pure through my mom. She gave me their lip balm, and let me just say it’s amazing! I’ve had issues with chapped lips since middle school. I’ve tried millions of lip balms and chap sticks and nothing compares. Seriously. 

I’ve also tried their natural deodorant which is the Basically what I’m saying is they make amazing natural products!

Ever since Clyde was born, I’ve started to become more conscious about products I’m using everyday. 

Skincare was number one on my list! 

I tried their cleansing oil (for normal+combination skin) and their complexion mist (rose+mint). I was a little worried that the cleansing oil would make me break out but I was totally wrong!

After using both products for just one week I saw a huge difference in my skin. It felt well balanced, wasn’t dry, glowy, and just all around healthy. 

Now it’s been a month and I’ve washed my face every night before bed. And I just have to say my skin feels the best it ever has! 

I’m going to walk you through the process.

First, you want to start with a clean face! If I wear makeup, I take a baby wipe and some coconut oil and wipe it off. 

Next, I take a quarter size of cleansing oil and massage it in my skin for one minute. 

Then, I’ll take a washcloth, run it under hot water and put it over my face until it’s cold. It feels like you’re at a spa in your bathroom. 

Next, you’ll want to gently wipe off any excess oil. 

Finally, you’ll finish off your skin with 2-3 sprits of the complexion mist and you’re done! 

You’ll be feeling so refreshed, light, and all around good! 

It’s just what your skin needs after a long day spent being a mom. 

After a month of Primally Pure being a part of my bedtime routine I go to bed feeling good. It’s something so small, but it makes a huge difference. Not just in my skin, but my attitude too.

Take a moment for yourself because you deserve it! 

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Read more about cleansing oil here. Read more about their complexion mist here.

XO, Kailyn

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