My top favorite pregnancy apps

There’s so many out there! All are different in their own way. And I know that it can get overwhelming to find the best ones with the best information.

I’ve used the same apps for both of my pregnancies now and I thought I’d share which ones are my favorite and why. Trust me the last thing you want to do is crowd your phone with useless pregnancy apps. I did the first time around and my phone felt so cluttered! And really nothing’s worse. Your brain is already a jumbled mess you don’t need your phone to be too.

First on the list, Ovia Pregnancy.

This app has changed quite a bit from what I remember it being like the first time around. I still love it and it’s the app that I find myself using the most. I love the homepage. You can customize it to your liking of course. The hand and foot comparison is so cool! You get daily development updates, articles, baby tidbits, and body change updates. There’s a ton of articles to read depending on what you’re looking for. Some categories include symptoms, baby, body, labor & delivery, medical, lifestyle, and pregnancy loss. Some other app features include a look at your pregnancy week by week. These give you a break down of what’s going on with your body and your baby. And they’re pretty spot on! Helpful tools you can find in the app include a kick counter, contraction timer, food safety lookup, medication safety lookup, and a symptoms lookup. Pretty impressive right? Out of all the tools I definitely find myself using the food safety lookup most often. It tells you what things are safe and what things you should steer clear of. Cool right?! If you’re pregnant I HIGHLY recommend downloading the Ovia pregnancy app. If you’re TTC they also have a fertility app that is the

Second on the list, The Bump.

I mostly use this app for all the different articles. I really like to read okay. Today I read about Domino’s launching a baby registry, which was pretty interesting. I mean who doesn’t love pizza? Just like Ovia, this app has changed a ton since the last time I used it. They now have a Planner feature which allows you to add appointments and any screening test you may have. It also preps you for the appointment! So handy! Of course it tells you what’s going on with you and baby week by week, but it also has some reminders for you to think about during that particular week. You can also add bump photos! Less tools, but a TON more information. Download it!

Third on the list, What to Expect.

This is my least used app. But I like the videos they have that talk about the baby week by week. Occasionally I will read through some articles, but that’s really about it. Looking at the week by week feature you can find information about the baby, your body, products, symptoms, and questions to ask your doctor.

Last on the list, Babylist.

I don’t know why I never used this the first time around. Seriously! Babylist is a registry app where you can create a registry and have whatever you want on it! Doesn’t matter where it’s from, it can go on the list. You can break items down by category and stay organized. It’s amazing!

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