Interview questions for a doula – with an interview sheet

As some of you may already know I’ve made the decision to pursue my passion and become a doula. After searching the internet for interview questions for a doula I noticed a few things.

1. None of them had a sheet with all of the questions.

It is so hard to remember things in the moment and I know that if I was looking for a doula I wouldn’t want to forget a single question. Sure you could write them all down somewhere, but wouldn’t it just be easier if they were already all typed out nicely on a handout?

2. Every article I found only had about 10-12 questions listed.

So what did I do? I put them all on one sheet. 16 questions total and I put them in an order that just made more sense to me. I feel like most websites had the questions all over the place. You want to really get to know your doula first. Why they do what they do, how much experience they have, how they handle different types of birth, how much they will be involved with your pregnancy and birth, and then end on what their rates and policies are.

3. Most parents-to-be love checklists.

I know I do! Especially being a first time parent! It just makes things less complicated. I remember having a checklist book when I was pregnant with Clyde and it was seriously the best thing ever. I love being able to psychically hold something and be able to take notes with it.

Hiring a doula is kind of a big deal. And it is so important to find the right fit for your family. I hope this interview sheet will help you make the right decision. Download the sheet here!

xo, Kailyn

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