About Me

Hey! My name is Kailyn. Born and raised in Washington as a big city girl. Seattle to be exact. In Washington you can experience all of the beauties of nature. Water, Mountains, and plenty of green.

Here on Kailyn in Wonderland I will be sharing all things about mom life, beauty, style, food, and photography. Kailyn in Wonderland came about when I was eagerly waiting for the arrival of my son Clyde. I wanted to be able to document Clyde’s childhood for family members near and far, but I realized that I just enjoyed sharing my experiences as a mother and products that have made my life easier as a first time mom.

As the oldest of 4 others I learned the importance of family. Growing up my mom had her own photography business and ever since I always had an interest in it.

I’m an avid Instagrammer so follow me!

Even though I’m a mom I don’t actually drink ANY coffee. Yes, you read that correctly. I also enjoy dancing like a complete fool. Just ask my husband, Michael. I almost forgot to mention my obsession with flamingos. If you think that’s a little crazy, it probably is. I mean I did get one tattooed behind my ear.

Not everyone is mad here, just a little sleep deprived.

If you want to collaborate or just say hi please email me at kailyninwonderland@gmail.com.