4-13 Week Bump Date – First Trimester Recap

I am so glad that the First trimester is basically over. It has been a rough couple of weeks.

Since I didn’t start my blog until the end of my first pregnancy, I wanted to document my second one! I’m thinking every couple weeks I’ll give you an update on all things pregnancy and just life in general. Sound good? Cool!

Now, let’s dive into the good stuff.

When did you find out? How did you find out?

So I found out very early on (4 weeks). Michael was out of town and I was just at home with Clyde, bored. I noticed that my period was a week late and I just blamed it on remaining hormones from breastfeeding. So, I told myself to just take a test as a joke because I thought it would be negative. NOPE. I took a digital pregnancy test and it was positive. Of course I went into complete panic mode. I called Michael at 11 pm and he calmed me down quickly. The next day I took two more tests and they were both positive right away. Of course after taking the tests certain things were starting to make sense. (early pregnancy symptoms)

When is your due date?

My due date is April 9th, 2018. So by that time Clyde will almost be two!

How have you been feeling?

I’ve been feeling much better lately. But the first 11 weeks I was nauseous all day long. It was awful. There were a couple times where I almost vomited. I had to take my prenatals before bedtime instead of in the morning. I’d have to give myself a little pep talk before taking it. It never worked and I ended up gagging anyway, coming very close to vomiting. I never really experienced morning sickness with Clyde so this was completely new territory. I’ve been really tired and bloated. My sense of smell is really heightened sooner than it was last time, which has been interesting. It’s hard not to compare the pregnancies!


Eh… kind of? Its mostly bloat, but my stomach is looking a lot different. My linea nigra is already starting to show. I’m really thinking that I’ll be carrying higher this pregnancy.


So with Clyde we found out at 12 weeks with a DNA test. This time around we are going to be patient and wait until our 20 week scan. Michael is convinced we are having a girl and I’m leaning more towards a boy.


We were on a vegan diet for about two weeks (long before I found out about my pregnancy). I decide to change to a vegetarian diet instead. So I eat eggs, diary, and I will occasionally have red meat. I can’t even stomach the thought of eating chicken. I haven’t been a fan of jalapeno chips, which are usually my favorite. I’ve really been craving chocolate and any form of potato. I’ve been really wanting banana bread too. I plan on making some soon though!

What are you looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to finding out the gender and having a bigger belly. I think this time around I’m more conditioned. I have a rough idea of what could happen this time around and what to expect. I’m really excited to try new products out and baby gear too. So much can change in just two years!

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