18-22 Week Bump Date – Second Trimester Recap – Part Two

I finally hit the halfway mark! So crazy. I feel like this pregnancy is flying by. I’m trying my hardest to cherish every moment with this bump. If you missed my last bump date you can catch up here.

Life Update

I’m no longer nannying full-time which has been hard on my family. Since I’m not taking any doula clients right now due to my pregnancy I’ve been working part-time with UberEats. It’s super easy and helps pay some of our bills. It’s been really nice being at home. Now I’m able to focus more on my home (trying to keep it clean), blog, social media, and photography. It’s been refreshing.

How have you been feeling?

I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed and stressed at times. But I try my best to refocus and just keep on keeping on. Round ligament pain has still been pretty hard to deal with. I’m starting to have a harder time sleeping too. Between tossing and turning all night (I’m a back sleeper) and bathroom trips I’ve been napping during the day more often.


Oh yeah. It’s there. My skin is still itchy so I’ve been doubling up on my belly oil and lotion. I haven’t gotten any new stretch marks yet, but I’m sure I have a few that I just can’t see.


It’s a GIRL! We are sooooo excited. You’ll have to wait for a name though. My 20 week ultrasound was great. She was so active which was fun to see. She’s right on track and healthy as can be. The gender reveal we did with family on Thanksgiving was so much fun. Michael was convinced from the get that we were having a girl so he’s now two for two on the gender guesses.


Round ligament pain is in full swing like I said. My appetite is really up there now too. I’m literally ALWAYS hungry. I feel like I’m always eating. My lower back pain is starting to come back too. I’ve been trying to work in some yoga and stretches to help with that.


Yes! Michael felt her from the outside for the first time. Since it’s still early she doesn’t really have a time a day where she’s most active.

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